YIP1300 – Product Data Management

Next course for my masters will concern product data management (PDM). It’s not a new concept for me, since I have been involved in it before. I’m looking forward learning a bit more about theory behind the practices though.

PDM in Wikipedia:

Product data management is the use of software or other tools to track and control data related to a particular product. The data tracked usually involves the technical specifications of the product, specifications for manufacture and development, and the types of materials that will be required to produce goods.

Within PDM the focus is on managing and tracking the creation, change and archive of all information related to a product.

Product data management (PDM) serves as a central knowledge repository for process and product history, and promotes integration and data exchange among all business users who interact with products — including project managers, engineers, sales people, buyers, and quality assurance teams.

Sounds quite a bit like product lifecycle management (PLM), doesn’t it? Focus is narrower and not as holistic as with PLM.

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