Even more reading

Since it’s 6 months until christmas and getting presents, I treated myself by getting some more interesting reading:

Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests by Freeman and Pryce I have read before. However, I never owned the book, only borrowed it from a colleague, but because it is such an interesting book, I wanted to have my own copy. After I finish my thesis (or maybe even before that), I’m planning on taking that to sit on my office desk where rest of the team can borrow it.

How Google Tests Software by Whittaker, Arbon and Carollo sounded interesting and had gotten good reviews. Scale of the testing in such a huge company is probably something different from what I have learned to do and will most likely offer nice ideas and thoughts.

Domain-Specific Languages by Fowler and Parsons I ordered because of brief foray into DSL with my cutesy-platform (the one used in pyherc for behaviour driven testing).

So, the focus is on testing and things that can facilitate it. All this should be both interesting, useful and helpful for my thesis.

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