Food for thought

Jonas Hovgaard’s posting How I stopped writing awesome code was particularly interesting to read and certainly gave some food for thought. And as always, comments section had lots of nice debate (and some that completely missed the point).

I have always liked trying out the latest fad and tinkering with how I’m writing code. I believe that exploration like that is useful and gives nice perspective how things can be done differently. But as it was pointed out in the comments, writing commercial software is an economical exercise and one needs to always keep in mind the reason the code is being written. If lifetime of the program is short or the size of the codebase is small, you don’t necessarily need to create multi-tiered application with IoC container and 95% code coverage in tests.

Like always, being pragmatic pays of in the end. Blindly joining a group (including the commenters of the posting in question) and following them blindly is risky business.

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