Joys of open source

As you probably know, I’m slowly switching over using Phil’s Game Utilities (PGU) for user interface in my game. It is just so much easier to use ready made library of various UI components, than to spend time writing your own, especially since the project is about making a game, not about making a GUI library.

PGU is written to be used with keyboard and mouse. My plan is to make the game playable using joypad. For this reason I need to either change how container objects process events or write call-back functions for same purpose and hook them up to appropriate events. Both have their advantages and I haven’t yet decided which way to go.

But the point is that, since PGU is open source, I have full access to the source code. I can dig through it, see how various components are connected and how they talk to each other. This is pretty much mandatory too, since quickly googling I didn’t find how to achieve what I want. Probably this means that I should write down my solution when I reach it and put it up on the internet somewhere (maybe in the API documentation of pyherc).


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