Effects and debug system

I have been tinkering with effects system on and off since the level generation was completed. The general idea is that at least characters and items can have two lists of effects. First of them is list of active effects that get triggered periodically. Second list is for effects that are created when something happens (drinking a potion for example). Basics are down, potions work and according to the tests, so does combat effects.

But, testing combat effects in game can be tedious. First you have to make your way to correct level and find correct monster and then hope that effect gets triggered in combat. I wanted something easier, so added new page on the debug server: factory. This page can be used to spawn new monsters next to the player (two steps to right, to be precise). It’s really simple, can crash the system if used incorrectly and generally not very good. But it’s easier than hunting those spiders down the crypt.


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