Level generator done (at least this version)

This week I finally got the level generation to the point that it can be used. It can handle generating layout of the level, placing items, monsters, stairs and linking level to previous one. As usual, there are still lots of things to tune and more functionality to add, but it’s just details.

Test driven development worked pretty well with the generator. Biggest problems I faced because the lack of higher level tests. Unit tests alone aren’t enough, but they need to be supported with higher level integration tests. Otherwise components work really well in isolation, but integrating them together can be tricky.

Now that level generator is more or less ready to be used, I can concentrate on the content for a chance. Plan is to start fleshing out notes I have about various monsters and pick one of them to be implemented first. This will probably require more actions, changes into rules and graphics before monster is done. Artificial intelligence will need lots of work too.


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