Busy week

Instead of concentrating on a single thing this week, I have been working on multiple things. Surprisingly, I managed to have progress on all of them.


http://tuturto.github.com/pyherc/ now hosts player manual (or rather start for it). Source are in .rst – format and Sphinx is used to generate html-files from them. Nifty system and I don’t have to think about layout while writing.

Level generator

Biggest progress was made in the new level generator. System is now able to split arbitary level into sections and link them together. Next step is to fill various rooms and corridors inside these sections.


I came across nice texture in http://stock-background-texture.com/ and decided to use it in the background of the main menu. Not a big thing, but looks much nicer than just a black background. I still need to add title there though.


New tests are mostly related to new level generator. I tried to isolate system under test much better this time by using mocks and I’m pretty happy about the results. Dynamic language makes unit testing breeze and I don’t have to write complicated tests or libraries to work around limitations of language.


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